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Promoting on Instagram

Trivia Night Social Media Promotion Made Easy

One of the keys to making your Trivia Night a success is getting the word out about your awesome event. And social media promotion gives you a free tool to get hundreds – or even thousands – of eyes on your Trivia Night. Not sure where to start? Let’s take a look at some of the best practices for posting on each of the major social media platforms.

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How to Part Ways with Your Current Trivia Host

One of the hardest things about being a business owner is letting go of relationships that no longer fall in line with your day-to-day production.

In this particular example, we are talking about parting ways with your current Trivia host. While this can be a daunting task, there are some best practices you can take to ensure a smooth transition.

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How to write fun trivia questions for adults (50 Bonus Questions included)

Anyone can write a Trivia question. “Who was the first president of the United States of America?” Boom, done.

The real challenge is writing a great question. That’s where our team of expert writers comes in. Here is their checklist for writing the best Trivia questions for adults.


If you’re looking a complete list of questions skip to the end where we’ve included a set of 50 trivia questions that cover a variety of themes.

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Getting the Most from Your Theme Night

We’ve gone through enough Theme Weeks by now to know that they work. Themed Trivia nights entice existing players with a fresh departure from the norm and get new players in to see what all the hype is about. While this sounds just fine and dandy, there’s more to it than just signing up for a theme night. We’ve given you the tools, now it’s time for you to maximize your profit.

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Don’t Rely on Luck: How to Make St. Patrick’s Day Work for You

It’s March and that means many people are thinking about beer, maybe even of the green variety. What I mean to say is that St. Patrick’s Day is approaching. While it’s well known that many people, Irish or not, love celebrating this veridian holiday, it’s not enough to rely on popularity alone. Instead, take advantage of that popularity in promoting your bar this month. 

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6 Things You’re Not Doing That Hurt Your Trivia Night

Trivia Nights are great, you know that. They bring people in and transform your slowest night into your busiest night. You might be thinking Okay, and? Well, this phenomenon only happens at its full potential when the right tactics are taken. In other words, by not taking some, or any, of these actions, you are risking your Trivia Night not reaching its full potential.

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How to Make your Bar Traffic Winter-Proof

Summer is gone and fall is in full swing. With the cooler weather, that means you’re running out of time to advertise your patio and outdoor space. As temperatures dip, especially closer to winter, people are going to turn their focus indoors. You want to make sure that your venue is enticing enough inside that they’ll want to brave the chill to spend it with you. 

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How to Turn a Bar Visitor Into a Regular

Ah, regulars, the cult-favorite, coveted term for those who frequent your business on a regular basis. Obviously, you want your business to be so good that people just can’t help but want to come back. So what exactly transforms a person from a casual visitor into a regular? 

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