Own Your Trivia Night: Customizing Your Trivia Night is Quick and Easy

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Adam Johnston

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Own Your Trivia Night with Customization

Today is the age of customization. From shampoo to shoes to software, there seems to be nothing that can’t be personalized; and among the ever-growing list of flexible products is Trivia. Sure, it’s easy enough to buy a standardized, pre-made show, but what’s stopping someone else from doing the same? In other words, with static shows like this, your experience won’t be unique, and the success of an establishment rides on its ability to register as unique to its patrons. 


On the other hand, maybe you want to purchase a show, but can’t find one amongst the carbon copies that truly fits your clientele. So what do you do? The answer is simple enough: you customize it. 

Imagine being able to not only select the topic of your show, but each individual question, too. With the right tools, you can do it all in just a few clicks. Super easy, right? You might be thinking, “Yeah, too easy. What’s the catch?” The answer is: that there isn’t one. 


Last Call Trivia Flex is the first completely DIY trivia show builder on the market. Not only can you create your perfect Trivia show, but you can do it at an affordable rate. So what does DIY Trivia look like?


Here’s what you can customize with Flex: 


  1. Category: Let’s say you have an artsy crowd. You’d want to focus your show on music, literature, art, and film questions. With the category filter, you can search for questions from your audience’s favorite topics and hand pick custom questions they will like.
  2. Keyword: Maybe you’re a brewery who wants to include at least one question related to beer for each show. By typing the word “beer” in the keyword search bar, you can easily narrow your search to questions about beer.
  3. Difficulty level: Don’t take it from us; Here’s what a Flex client whose patrons were more “casual” Trivia players did for her audience. She needed questions that were on the easier side to keep her audience interested, so by using the difficulty filter, she fills her show with questions from the easier end of the database to keep her players engaged and happy.

When creating your own custom Trivia show is this easy, what’s stopping you? The Trivia world is your oyster! With just a few clicks of a button, you can keep your crowd interested and coming back for more. What are you waiting for? Get crackin’ today!