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Does Your Facebook Page Match Your Brand?

Written by

Adam Johnston

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Your voice matters

Is your brand witty and funny, upbeat and positive? This is the crucial basis that will feed into everything you create for your brand. When posting and replying to comments or questions on your page, it’s important to keep a consistent voice to solidify your brand and make a connection with guests.


Beyond just posts and responses, keep in mind what type of photos you’re posting. If you’re sharing food photos, try and stage them similarly each time. If you’re posting photos of your crew or guests, try to make sure they give off the same emotional concept. 

Social is king in today’s modern society. Potential guests rely on brand social pages to supply them with all the information they need: Menus, specials, events, photos, directions, reviews. Most venues have a Facebook page, but whether or not that page matches their brand is the real question. 


When it comes to operating a brand Facebook page, it’s critical to remain on-brand and to provide people with the information and experience they are looking for. There is a sort-of-science behind running your best Facebook page and when broken down, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

Don't be afraid to display reviews

It’s a good idea to have a section displaying reviews of your establishment. One of the biggest deciding factors in the way people shop or choose places to go is via reviews. Reviews from previous guests carry more weight because as humans, we are more likely to take someone’s word as true if we perceive them to be on the same level as we are, in this case, bar or restaurant guests.

Additionally, respond to people who are leaving you positive reviews and be sure to thank them. Address any negative views in a way that reflects your brand voice and do what you think is best to resolve the issue with the guest. This lets them know that they are being heard and that you care about their experience.

Promote your events

One of the great features of social media is the ability to increase the visibility of your brand. Make sure to cash in on this benefit by “adding events” on your Facebook page.


Take, for example, your Trivia Night. By creating an event on Facebook for your Trivia Night, people can indicate that they are interested, or will be attending.  The benefit of this is twofold.  


First, it promotes the event to people who follow your page. And second, when a person indicates their interest in the event, it will appear in the newsfeed of their friends as well, thus promoting your event to a larger audience. Creating Facebook events is one of the best ways to spread your brand, and engage potential customers outside of your existing network.


As you know, there are many things that factor into running a business and keeping a solid Facebook page is one of them. Providing your guests with a transparent view into your brand helps establish a connection and providing all of the information they need takes away any unnecessary difficulty in their interaction with your establishment. Although, accomplishing these things may initially require you to roll up your sleeves, once done, you’ll have the foundation of a successful online brand presence.