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So many ways to "night out".

Flex your third-largest organ.

Designed to level the playing field, Last Call Trivia Nights cover a wide range of subjects and difficulty levels across 24 questions with your favorite music in between.

An acceptable bar fight.

Contrary to factual answers, Last Call Feud Nights challenge teams to identify the top surveyed answers to 28 random questions with your favorite music in between.

Sing. Dance. Get lucky.

A musical spin-off of your grandparents’ pastime, Last Call Music Bingo offers participants chances to win by getting BINGO from boards with the titles of songs being played.

The Last Call Trivia App

We’ve improved so you can.

Trivia Night is supposed to be fun, and our new gameplay app takes the experience to a whole new level with the questions, point wagers, and scoreboard all integrated into the app. Soon you will be able to track your performance and find areas for improvement using the data the app tracks at your shows.

Coming soon.

Get your Trivia fix outside of Trivia Night.

Impromptu Game Nights

Our card game incorporates the wagering and strategy you’ve come to love into an exciting at-home game where the answers are always in front of you.

Competition Analysis

Our podcast brings the listener into an average Trivia team’s discussions, anecdotes, and stories that lead to the right and wrong answers in hilarious fashion.

Trivia Night Prep

Our blog gives you the nuggets you never knew about your favorite Trivia, interviews with other Trivia lovers, and everything you need to rule the watercooler.

A Trivia Night you can call your own.

Do you have a favorite bar or restaurant that you could set us up with? If the venue becomes a Last Call Trivia partner, we'll send you a gift as thanks for the introduction.