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Built for Your Senior Community and Your Budget!

The Premiere Cognitive Activity for the Senior Care Industry at the Best Price for 2024.

It's more challenging than ever to find high quality Activities that truly engage your community. That's why Community Quiz is designed specifically for Senior Care Activities Directors, and priced to fit your budget. 

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Why Last Call Community Quiz?

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Senior-Centric Engagement

A track record of success. Increase social connection with senior-focused Community Quiz.

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Seamless Entertainment

Enjoy Community Quiz made easy – a streamlined, hassle-free system with 16 years of experience tailored for your Senior Community.

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Optimized Engagement

Try our Risk-Free Trial Game with unbeatable pricing tailored for Senior Community.

The results speak for themselves.

Don't Take Our Word for It, Hear the Cheers!

Are Your Older Adults Fully Mentally and Socially Engaged?

Time to Spark Excitement!

As you work diligently to keep your facility vibrant, especially in the face of budget constraints and staffing challenges, we understand the unique struggles you face. In the search for budget-friendly activities that genuinely engage older adults and make the lives of Activity Directors easier, Last Call Community Quiz stands out as a game-changer.

Get ready for a delightful, 1-hour experience filled with continuous entertainment.

Last Call Community Quiz: Where Fun Meets Community!

With the Trial Game, you receive not only a single game of engaging Community Quiz but also...

  • Star Quality

    We provide a complimentary host training guide, ensuring your Community Quiz night is a hit among participants.

  • Best Price

    All of this comes at an unbeatable price of just $25 – a single-game experience that delivers great value!

  • Picture This

    Every game comes with a beautifully made slideshow, so you can engage all of your partcipants’ senses.

  • Personal Attention

    Optional, in-depth consult session to maximize the effectiveness of your programming.

  • Tailored Questions

    At Last Call Community Quiz, we understand the unique needs of seniors. Our questions are crafted with the Senior demographic in mind, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable 1-hour experience for everyone.

  • More Visuals

    We've enhanced the visual elements of the game to provide a more immersive and entertaining experience for senior participants.

  • Larger Text

    Enjoy a comfortable and easy-to-read game interface with larger text, making it accessible for all older adults.

  • No Risk

    We understand that trying something new can be daunting. That's why we've taken all the risk out of this offer. If, after the game, you aren't seeing increased engagement, we’ll provide a full refund.

More Engaged Seniors = Greater Community Satisfaction

All at an Affordable Price!

While other activities may be costly and dull, we offer an affordable and engaging solution for Senior Care Facilities, allowing you to invest wisely in enhancing the quality of life for your senior community.

Last Call Community Quiz Delivers

Watch our short demo video to see how it all works for Senior Care Facilities.

See the Last Call Difference

With Last Call Community Quiz’s Trial Game, you get a comprehensive package that includes everything you need for a successful Community Quiz experience at an unbeatable price, along with exceptional support and training. Don’t settle for less; choose Last Call Community Quiz for a winning experience!

Last Call Trivia


Incredibly Low Price

$25 OR LESS per game, delivering great value.

Elevate and Celebrate e-Book

Your Guide to Enriching Senior Engagement – Unleash Joyful Experiences, One Page at a Time!

Consult Service Available

An in- depth training session with our performance expert, giving you the tools to supercharge your events.

Expert Customer Support

Our Client Success Team is here to help 7 days a week! You have questions? We have answers!

No Contract Lock-In

Pay as you go, gamy by game, week to week, month to month. No pesky contract that locks you in!

Risk-Free Guarantee

If you aren’t happy with your Last Call Community Quiz event, you get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Choose Last Call Trivia's Community Quiz for a unique blend of engaging features, tailored content, and budget-friendly pricing that enhances the participant experience!

Ready to Make Community Quiz a Program Staple?

Subscription Pricing (Subscriptions are 15% off of flat rate)


$21.25 / month
  • Access to one game per month.
  • OPTIONAL Add-on: (up to) 1h Consult: $29.99


$42.50 / month
  • Access to one game every two weeks.
  • OPTIONAL Add-on: (up to) 1h Consult: $29.99


$85 / month
  • Access to one game per week.
  • OPTIONAL Add-on: (up to) 1h Consult: $29.99

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