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What kind of team are you?

Live pub trivia brings out all kinds of unique individual personalities, but what unique personality does your trivia team take on when all of those individuals come together? Like the Thundercats, what’s important isn’t your individual ability, but how well your team functions when all your moving parts have joined to form a trivia team. Here’s …

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This Bud’s For You

Nothing beats a glass of frosty suds, and the world knows it. Our preference for a cold one is unprecedented and unmatched. Beer is the world’s leading alcoholic beverage and beats every other drink except for tea and water. As Americans, we each perform our civic duty by downing 23 gallons of beer annually (or …

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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? Good question. People have been naming their kids since, well, forever. A child’s name can come from origins as diverse as family lineage, biblical inspiration, and extreme pretension (looking at you, Gwyneth). But shouldn’t we know more about some of these origins before attaching these words to kids permanently? Let’s take …

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