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Can You Hear Me Now? A brief history of cell phones.

You have one. In fact, you can’t remember life without it. Everybody you know has one in their pocket right now, including your old granny (bless her wrinkled heart). They seem glued to it constantly, and it’s used for so much more than originally intended. That’s right. We’re talking about your cell phone.

Cellular phones have become a one-stop tech toy for all of your tweeting, Facebooking, shopping, texting, game-playing, picture-taking, web-browsing, score-checking everything-else-doing needs. Oh, and you can make phone calls as well. You can pretty much do anything with your smartphone (except cheat at Last Call Trivia…don’t you dare). But how did we get here? What turned that brick-looking thing in your parent’s car into such a sleek companion, so necessary for humans to exist? Let’s take a look.