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make a playlist

How to Create the Perfect Trivia Playlist

As a host, one of the best tools to help set the tone of the show is your Trivia playlist. In fact, you can even think of your Trivia playlist as your co-host. Not only does your song choice keep teams entertained and energized, it also helps keep the game on track. A good playlist has popular songs that fit the audience’s preferences, but a great playlist takes it a step further. Here are some of the best industry tips to help you create the ultimate Trivia playlist.

score stars

The Easiest Way to Score Trivia Night

When you think of scoring your Trivia Night, what comes to mind? Do you think of hand tallying points? Or, frantically typing scores into a calculator? Or, maybe even having a whole team of scorekeepers?

Well, if you have nightmarish visions like the ones above, I have some great news. There is a much easier way to score Trivia Night. When you host with a Last Call Trivia subscription, you can use our simple bar Trivia app to keep score which handles all of the calculations for you. That means all you have to do is indicate whether or not a team’s answer is correct, and no more mid-game arithmetic is necessary!