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As the go-to source for Trivia for bars, our games are the key to turbocharging your revenue with the power of Trivia Nights.


Hosting Trivia gives you the power to transform ordinary evenings into buzzworthy events, drawing crowds and creating unforgettable experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

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Customer Support

With decades of experience in helping bars succeed, our team will be there for you every step of the way.

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Hosting is a breeze and the gameplay experience is exciting and fun with our easy-to-use bar Trivia app.

Customized Events

By choosing your own host and event schedule, you can personalize the game to perfectly fit your crowd.

Trivia Tips
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The Trusted Trivia Company in Denver

Did you know that Denver, Colorado is nicknamed the Mile High City because it sits at an elevation of exactly one mile (5,280 feet) above sea level? Or that due to the elevation, golf balls travel about 10% farther in Denver than they would at sea level?


As interesting as those tidbits are, there’s more to being a Trivia company in Denver, CO than knowing facts about the city. It’s about empowering local businesses to achieve their goals with events that work.


Our games give you the power to create a Trivia Night at your bar that’s as unique as the city itself. With our Trivia subscription service, you’ll create dynamic, memorable events that take your business to the next level.


You know your customers better than anyone. By partnering with Last Call Trivia, you can host events that will wow them and keep them coming back for more week after week.

Client Testimonials

Working with Last Call Trivia is truly a great experience. As a business owner that has to juggle so many things, it's nice to know that a vendor/partner will take care of their end of the deal with no worries. So many people want to say that they take ownership of their craft but Last Call truly delivers.
Testimonial Josh Fried Macs Pizza Pub
Josh Fried, Owner of Mac's Pizza Pub
Our experience with Last Call Trivia has been a positive one. Particularly in the beginning, they were able to provide us with feedback that allowed us to create a better internal SOP for our trivia nights and that was hugely beneficial to the program.
Testimonial Aislinn Brown Rhinegeist Brewing
Aislinn Brown, Rhinegeist, Taproom Manager
My favorite part of Last Call Trivia is the enjoyment of the crowd, the competition, and the interactive side of business and customer. It is a very easy program to use, with a very responsive client support team. It's also fun!
Connar at Monaca Brewing Testimonial 1
Connor, McKay, Monaca Brewing

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