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Be the next iconic Trivia Host.

You bring the fun, we bring the paycheck. 

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Why host Trivia for bars?


Every week, thousands of people across America play Last Call Trivia. By taking up the mic as a Last Call Trivia Host, you become their guide. Trivia is a weekly ritual that sharpens the mind, builds community, and creates a more interconnected, curious world.

You’re the One We’ve Been Waiting For


What’s the right way to host Trivia for bars? Your way–as long as you’re 21 or over. Express yourself fully, because that’s what keeps our players coming back.

Cue the Training Montage


You won’t go into the Trivia wilderness empty-handed. Last Call Trivia provides you with Tactical Trivia Training, and specialized equipment designed to perform in any Trivia environment. All you need is your laptop, transportation, and a sense of adventure.

Collect Your Coin

No secrets or surprises here. You’ll get $50 per two-hour show. With new shows getting booked all the time, there are lots of opportunities to earn. Whether you work 9-to-5 or have 95 side hustles, our evening shows work with your schedule.

Hear it from the Hosts.

Get your questions answered.

At least once a week. Depending on how much you want to earn and your personal schedule, you can host anywhere from once a week to a few times a week. 

You’ll get $50 for each show you host, which is generally about two hours long. The more you host, the more you earn!

A winning personality and laptop. We’ll provide the rest – an easy-to-use portable sound system and microphone.

The best thing you can do is go to a current show and see how it’s run. If you like it, apply and we’ll train you!

Consistency is key, but we understand that life happens. You’ll be a part of a community of hosts who have your back.

Personality and reliability! If you enjoy creating a positive experience for others, you’re the perfect candidate. Having great communication skills and a sense of punctuality are the cherry on top of a great Trivia Host.