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Category: Food

Who Invented Beer

This Bud’s For You

Nothing beats a glass of frosty suds, and the world knows it. Our preference for a cold one is unprecedented and unmatched. Beer is the world’s leading alcoholic beverage and beats every other drink except for tea and water. As Americans, we each perform our civic duty by downing 23

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Podcast Episode 60 Round 2

Get Your Chip On!

March 14th is National Potato Chip Day (we know it’s circled on your calendar), so we thought you might like to sit back, break open a bag of your favorite flavor and enjoy some fun facts about everyone’s favorite junk food. You can even dazzle your friends at trivia night

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Margarita Variations

Feeling Hot Hot Hot (in your mouth)

So you think you’re pretty bold when ordering extra jalapeño peppers for your nachos? Everybody gives an awed look when you put tabasco on eggs? Do you order a spice level 8 at your favorite Thai place, while other wimps stick to a 3 or 4?

Big freakin’ deal. You haven’t tasted hot until the peppers listed below have passed your lips. These babies break the heat meter (or Scoville scale, to be more precise), so be ready with a glass of milk to dull the sizzle and a hanky for your tears.

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