Welcome to Last Call Trivia X BLINK.

As your hometown Trivia Night leader, we are proud to celebrate the curiosity and creativity of Cincinnati with the Last Call Trivia X BLINK Trivia Tour!

This self-guided Trivia Tour includes four of the art installations featured at BLINK. Join in on the fun in three easy steps:

  1. Visit all four Blink installations below and answer each accompanying Trivia question.
  2. Identify the specific, recurring theme hidden across all four questions, answers, and/or the installations themselves.
  3. Submit your theme guess at the bottom of the page to be entered into the drawing as well as receive the correct answers.

All submissions will be entered to win a free copy of Full Frontal Nerdity, the new card game by Last Call Trivia! Correct theme guesses will be weighted heavier in the drawing.

#1 Dogfish (Findlay Market Zone)

What is the closest city to Burning Man’s Black Rock City that has a population of over 200,000 people?

#2 Little Africa 1800 (Downtown Zone)

With an attendance of 800,000, what Cincinnati event that occurred every few years became the largest attended in Cincinnati history when it expanded to four days in 1992?

#3 Oscar Robertson Mural/Alley Jam (Findlay Market Zone)

Oscar Robertson played professional ball for the Cincinnati Royals and the Milwaukee Bucks. What current NBA team traces its franchise roots back to the Cincinnati Royals?

#4 Eco-nnections: Together (Covington Zone)

A common theme of Blink installations, what author’s Iceberg Theory proposed the idea that the deeper meaning of a story should not be evident on the surface, but should shine through implicitly?

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