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Stand Out In The Details

Written by

Adam Johnston

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How can my weekly Trivia Night stand out from my neighbor’s?  Since the “Trivia” will be equally great, the difference must be in the details of the “Night” you host.

Classic example: Think back to the last time a bar manager comped a round of your drinks.  How did that make you feel?  Did you return?  Of course you did.  Did you expect the same level of service each time you returned?  Of course not, but the $5 at-cost comped round had a residual effect that lasted for weeks.  You felt appreciated.

What if you and your friends walked into the bar for Trivia Night and the hostess said, “Welcome back, Team SoAndSo. Would you like your normal table?”  

What if the table already had a place card with your team name on it?

What if the bartender begins pouring a taste of a beer while you’re still in the middle of asking a question about it?  What if the bartender already knows what you’re drinking?  What if the bartender tells you that they just got something on tap because you recommended it a couple weeks ago?

What if your Team wins a free appetizer because you have the closest answer to a bonus question, even though you are out of the running to win tonight?

What if a manager shows up at your table and asks if anything could be done to enhance your Trivia Night experience?

What if you are thanked for contributing to the success of an event?  When was the last time you were genuinely thanked for patronizing somewhere?

A Trivia Night here doesn’t function any differently than it does at your neighbor’s–but a Trivia Night here can mean so much more to the patrons visiting each and every week.