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3 Fun Facts about George Remus Bourbon

Written by

Brianna LeCompte

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George Remus was a man of many talents. After immigrating to America in the late 1800s, he went on to become a pharmacist, an optometrist, a lawyer, and most notably, a bootlegger.

In fact, Remus was so successful at the latter, that he earned the title “King of the Bootleggers.”

It only makes sense that a man so dedicated to the creation and distribution of bourbon should have a brand of it named in his honor. Enter, George Remus Bourbon.

George Remus Bourbon captures the rebellious spirit of the era with a hint of vanilla, a maple aroma, and a sweet-yet-characteristic rye flavor. And while that mouth-watering description of the flavor is tantalizing in itself, here are three more interesting facts about this delightful and distinctive drink.

George Remus Bourbon is specifically crafted to be enjoyed neat

If you are a bourbon enthusiast, then you have to add a bottle George Remus Bourbon to your shelf. The flavor has a hint of vanilla with a smooth, long finish. With the hint of sweetness, it pairs deliciously with a creamy dessert, although it can just as easily be savored by itself.

The bourbon is crafted to be enjoyed neat, but it can also be transformed into a tasty cocktail. Try this minimalist drink for starters- The King George.

The King George
2 oz George Remus Bourbon
Dash of bitters

Pour George Remus Bourbon and bitters into a mixing glass half-filled with cracked ice. Stir well.
However you choose to savor your George Remus Bourbon, you’re in for a treat!

George Remus Bourbon celebrates its ties to Chicago

George Remus began his bootlegging journey in Chicago. It is the city in which he grew up, attended the Chicago College of Pharmacy, and became an acclaimed lawyer. It’s also where he devised his plan to exploit loopholes in the Volstead Act.

Despite eventually relocating from Chicago to Cincinnati, his legacy continues to live on in Chicago. The flavors of George Remus Bourbon were inspired by his journey and take root in Chicago-based palates and traditions.

In celebration of that fact, the George Remus Bourbon website includes an interactive map of Chicago. This map details important milestones throughout Remus’ life and career.

Want to learn where George Remus’ childhood home was? Or see if you’ve ever walked past the site of his first pharmacy? Check out the map to see just how close you’ve been to some of the landmarks of Prohibition history!

George Remus Bourbon has created their own “Circle”

In his heyday, George Remus prided himself on having a close group of confidantes he called his “Circle.” This group of individuals was vital to the success of the operation. They were charged with upholding Remus’ uncompromising standards and, of course, keeping his secrets.

In honor of the “Circle,” George Remus Bourbon has created one of their own. By joining the King’s Circle, members receive a free gift, as well as special offers and news from George Remus Bourbon.

The benefits and perks of the King’s Circle are perfect for any bourbon connoisseur!

Any enthusiast knows that enjoying a glass of bourbon is a delightful experience. And drinking a bourbon with ties to one of the most innovative moments in the history of alcohol adds a new level of intimacy to the experience. The next time you’re in search of a new drink, give George Remus Bourbon a try. Tell The King we say hello.

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