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The Easiest Way to Score Trivia Night

When you think of scoring your Trivia Night, what comes to mind? Do you think of hand tallying points? Or, frantically typing scores into a calculator? Or, maybe even having a whole team of scorekeepers? Well, if you have nightmarish visions like the ones above, I have some great news. There is a much easier way to score Trivia Night. When you host with a Last Call Trivia subscription, you can use our simple bar Trivia app to keep score which handles all of the calculations for you. That means all you have to do is indicate whether or not a team's answer is correct, and no more mid-game arithmetic is necessary!

Written by

Dave Gottlieb

I grew up in a household that tuned in to Jeopardy! every night of the week. I never realized that knowing, “A dressy term for hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs”, would help me out as an adult. Now I write and design shows for our clients across the nation. Outside of the office, I make it a point to head to the slopes at least a few times during the winter and if I told you that I didn’t like much TV, I’d be lying. I am a big fan of many series, as well as the reality shows on stations like History and A&E.All Posts

Use your Last Call Trivia Subscription to keep score with our bar trivia app

As mentioned above, your Last Call Trivia subscription includes a simple scorekeeping functionality within our bar trivia app. This will keep a running total of all of the team scores and rankings. Which means, all you have to do is select whether a team’s answer is correct once it has been submitted, and the Last Call Trivia app will handle the calculations for you!

Using your Last Call Trivia subscription to score Trivia Night will remove the most stressful and time-consuming aspect of hosting Trivia. In other words, it will do the thinking for you and you can focus on providing the entertainment!

Enter points as soon as the answer is submitted

One tip to keep the game on schedule is to score answers as soon as they come in. If you wait until all answers have been turned in to start entering the data, you will likely be rushed and more likely to make an error.

Instead, take advantage of the time that teams are discussing their answers by grading answers as they’re submitted through the bar trivia app. This will allow you to spread out the data entry, which will keep the game on track and make your life easier.

Provide score updates throughout the game

It is important to provide updates as you score your Trivia Night. This will give teams an idea of their standing and allow them to address any score discrepancies if needed.

The best practice is to provide a score update after halftime, before the final question, and after the final question. To take things to the next level, our bar trivia app automatically displays a full scoreboard to teams at these milestones throughout the game.

After halftime, the teams will want to know where they stand at the midpoint of the game. They will also need to know where they stand before the final to decide how much to wager. And of course, they will need to know the rankings at the end of the game!

Providing score updates throughout the game makes it easier to track down an scoring errors and keep the timeline on track. It also adds an element of competition, because teams can see where they rank amongst their competition.

As simple as scoring is, it does take a little while to get used to it. But trust me, you’ll soon get to a point where you don’t even think about entering scores anymore!