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Attitude Is Everything: One Team’s Inspiration

Written by

Adam Johnston

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Author: Don Henry


Most Wednesdays, a team walks into Shooter’s Sports Grill in Loveland, takes their seats, and like most trivia teams, gets their pencil, answer pad and score sheet and enjoys a night of Last Call trivia. Unlike most teams though, one or more team member always wears the same logoed shirts every week in memory of a missing member. Printed on their shirts is a pair of wings emblazoned with a ribbon that has the name “Matt” written on it.


Matt was their son, brother, and friend.  He was an important part of the team who despite his significant medical problems regarded trivia night as an opportunity to have a few laughs while enjoying the company of those closest to him.  Often in debates over the correct answers he would intentionally suggest wrong or more often “inappropriate” answers just to get a laugh.  Further, reflecting his mischievous nature, he gave this team a name that gets the attention of the host and other teams “Obviously Cheating”.

Unfortunately, in 2012, Matt passed away after a seven-year fight with brain cancer. During his “rough road”, as he called it, he refused to let the brain tumor get him down. In 2010 he started a blog to chronicle his journey and his emotions. It is filled with his musings and poems that are sometimes deep and serious, more often humorous, but always inspiring. His favorite quote, and one that defined his life, was “Attitude is everything, so pick a good one.”

Just as Matt inspired those around him with his unwavering positive attitude during his illness, he continues to inspire his family. They carry this inspiration and honor him by playing trivia. Sometimes they win and sometimes they fall short, but they always have fun playing and always have a good attitude. That, they know, would make Matt proud.