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#22 – Who’s Your Favorite Fictional Archaeologist?

It’s time for Episode #22 of the Last Call Trivia Podcast! As usual, we kick off the game with a round of general knowledge questions covering a variety of categories. Then, we’re diving into some of our favorite stories with Fictional Characters Trivia!

Written by

Brianna LeCompte

I still remember attending my first Trivia night back in 2013. A group of my coworkers were discussing some options for happy hour venues and when we saw that a spot down the street was hosting a Trivia Night, we decided to go for it. I was instantly hooked. When the opportunity arose to join the Last Call team, I was ecstatic. Working with a talented and creative team to spread my love of trivia across the country-what could be better! I currently manage sales and outreach in our west coast areas. Outside of work, I love to travel and am also an avid equestrian and Disney movie lover.All Posts

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Podcast Episode 22 Round 1

Round One


Today’s game starts with a Beverages Trivia question about a special serving container used for a specific drink in China. Thirsty for more? Find out which beverage President John Adams credited with promoting his good health.


Next up, a Common Bonds Trivia question makes the connection between a character from Disney’s Aladdin and a word for royalty in India. For more Disney Trivia, check out this post on fun facts about the Disney Princesses!


The round concludes with a Geography Trivia question that challenges the Team to name which U.S. state is home to three specific regions. Brush up on more outdoorsy Trivia from around the world to help prepare for future games!


Bonus Question


Today’s Bonus Question takes a closer look at the answer to the Geography question from the previous round. Specifically, the Team is asked to guess the total length of the border of the state. Multiple strategies ranging from tongue-in-cheek to serious are suggested. What do you think about the strategy of determining the state’s radius and multiplying it by pi?

Podcast Episode 22 Round 2

Round Two


It’s time to dig out your favorite books, movies, and video games because today’s theme round is all about Fictional Characters Trivia!


Round Two starts with a History Trivia question about a real-life gold miner who was said to be the inspiration for a fictional character famous for his accessories. Spoiler alert: Did you know there’s currently a TV show in the works featuring a female version of this character?


Next, a Character Portrayals Trivia question asks the team to name the fictional English archaeologist that both Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander have played on the big screen. For more Trivia about award-winning entertainers, be sure to check out the very first episode of the podcast – and this article – about EGOT winners!


Round Two concludes with a Literature Trivia question about a classic novel with a uniquely named protagonist. Speaking of fun names, have you listened to episode 9 of the podcast, featuring a theme round all about nicknames? If not, that episode is calling your name next!


Final Question


It’s time to wrap up the game with a multi-part Final Question. The category for today’s final is Movies, and we’re taking a look back at some of the biggest blockbusters of 2021!


The Trivia Team is given a list of four movies released in 2021 and asked to place them in order by their total domestic box office gross from most to least. Do you think you have what it takes to sort them correctly? Listen in and find out!