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13 Trivia Podcasts You Should Listen to if You Want to Improve Your Game

Who said studying had to be boring? Of course, if you’re one who enjoys “studying” for Trivia Night, you probably love watching documentaries and listening to the increasingly popular media format of podcasts. Whether you’re driving to work, need something to listen to at the gym, or just want to tune in at home, these 13 podcasts boast fascinating facts that can improve your Trivia Night performance.

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Adam Johnston

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Last Call Trivia Podcast

Of course, we have to start out by suggesting the Last Call Trivia Podcast as your first go-to! The Last Call Trivia Podcast is a weekly show that features questions that previously appeared at live Trivia Nights in bars and restaurants across the U.S. We believe the most exciting part of Trivia Night is the discussion that the questions spark and the connections those conversations create. That’s why the Last Call Trivia Team focuses on “showing their work” and talking through their journey to the answer. Each game starts off with one round of general knowledge Trivia, followed by a “bonus question.” The second round of Trivia is themed toward a specific topic each week. Then, the game wraps up with a multi-part final question. Get ready to join in on the Last Call Trivia Team to see how far your curiosity can take you!

Need a pick-me-up or can’t make your weekly Trivia Night? Trivial Warfare is all the banter and fun of Trivia Night with your friends wrapped up in a podcast. Each week, show runners Jonathan, Chris, Carmela, and Ben partner with guests to answer a wide variety of questions. With over 230 podcasts in their library, there’s plenty to listen to. One thing to note is that episodes prior to 150 have been archived for those who are patrons of the show. Patrons are those who support the show via donations on Patreon. Not ready to donate? That’s okay, there’s still plenty of content for you to listen to.

Some call it useless information, others call it valuable Trivia. This podcast is perfect for those who love collecting random bits of knowledge. Useless Information is over 100 episodes of wild, wacky, and wonderful tidbits provided by Steve Silverman, a high school science teacher. A lover of old newspapers, movies, and The Twilight Zone, Silverman loves sharing the things he learns. Each episode is under an hour, so whether you’re driving to work or taking your lunch break, they’re easy to fit into your schedule. Don’t have time to listen or prefer to read? The podcast’s home site provides a write up of each episode.

Fans of How Stuff Works will love this podcast. From sloths to yawning to prison food, Stuff You Should Know, is chock full of intriguing and informational content. Although it takes more of a traditional education approach than some of the others on this list, it’s no less interesting. Josh and Chuck are here to answer all the questions you didn’t know you had about some of the world’s most interesting topics. Don’t have much time to listen? Check out their “Short Stuff” series featuring brief, fact-filled pieces each under or around 15 minutes long.

This show from across the pond features favorite facts that hosts Dan, James, Anna, and Andy have learned that week. New episodes air every Friday evening, so it’s a great way to wind down your week and maybe learn something new that could help you during your Trivia play the following week. If not, at least it’ll give you something interesting to share with friends and coworkers! With well over 200 episodes, new listeners will have plenty of content to keep them busy, from bikes in space to toilets in cars and everything in between.

Fans of structure will enjoy this one. Podquiz is a weekly show in a 20 question format with music interludes followed by the answer. In short, its format is similar to that of your standard live Trivia Night. Again, new episodes air on Fridays, making it the perfect end to your week. Fans who want to keep score or play with friends can download an answer sheet to keep track. Podquiz boasts an impressive 700+ episodes, so there’s no shortage of shows to choose from. 

If keeping up with a weekly podcast doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, have no fear. Go Fact Yourself updates twice a month, with episodes clocking in at around an hour long and recorded in front of a live audience. What separates this show from others we’ve discussed so far is that hosts J. Keith van Straaten and Helen Hong bring in two of “the smartest celebrities” and turn it into a game. Each celebrity tells the producers three topics they are experts in and faces off against the other in a series of Trivia challenges. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. Additionally, they have fact-checkers to step in if there is a slip-up so you know you’re always getting the truth.

Despite the name, this podcast is a weekly feature. Every week show runners Razzle and Dan scour the web for the world’s most interesting facts. Episodes air on Mondays, featuring a special guest each week, and clock in at under an hour. Curious newcomers and Trivia nerds alike can learn something cool in each episode. The show has been airing for a few years now, so there’s plenty of content for new listeners to catch up on in between new episodes.

With one of the larger followings of the podcasts on this list, Surprisingly Awesome turns the mundane and boring on its head by revealing all the awesome factoids hidden behind a bland topic. For instance, who knew cardboard and glue could be interesting? Apparently, umbrella company Gimlet did. Unfortunately, this podcast aired their goodbye episode in 2017, but their library remains there for you to work through. Go learn something new about something boring! 

Created by knowledge seekers from popular YouTube channel, TodayIFoundOut, The BrainFood Show starts conversations around some of the most interesting topics out there. Each episode approaches an hour in length and covers subjects from wild historical accounts to intriguing animal facts. Unlike many of the others included on this list, this podcast is on a monthly schedule. At least you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on new episodes! 

Another podcast under parent media company, Gimlet, Every Little Thing features a focus on the quirky corners of the factoid world. Each week, host Flora Lichtman delves into topics such as gender color associations and what dogs are really saying when they bark. Whether or not you are familiar with the topic, Flora will answer your burning questions. Want to submit ideas? Flora is happy to take them! 

Fans of audio books will find this podcast to be on point. Instead of the usual talk show format, this ‘cast is presented more like an audio book, with a narrative flow plus music and sound effects covering true stories from history and science. The overarching project of Damn Interesting (not just the podcast, which began in 2012), dates back to 2005, so you can trust that this team knows what they’re doing. 

If you like a little bit of structure while still keeping the fun, you’ll love Triviality. This ‘cast is set up like your typical pub quiz, with a hefty dose of humor.  Hosts Ken, Matt, Neal, and Jeff create an environment of friendly competition and banter you’ll find familiar from your own Trivia night experiences with friends. Join them as they cover topics from jaywalking to presidential private parts. Episodes air weekly and come in at varying lengths. 

What all of these podcasts have in common is a thirst and appreciation for knowledge, something all Trivia lovers can relate to. Whether you have an hour to spare or less, there’s a podcast on this list for you. From the quirky to the humorous and scientific, there’s something for you to enjoy, share with friends, and maybe even supply you with an answer during Trivia Night.