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Yep, we actually send printed posters and flyers directly to your venue. You’ll also get digital copies for social and web.

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You'll get access to our library of promotional graphics for sharing on your social accounts. And sign up to get new promotional ideas sent to your inbox every week.

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our bar will appear on our interactive map and our schedule page, where players can mark your show as their favorite.

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We encourage our hosts to post about your event on social media for all the folks in your community to see.

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We provide relevant, fun, and interesting information on social media to attract more players into our network, and to your event.

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When you succeed, we succeed. So if you ever need anything, seriously, just reach out.

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These creative promotional concepts have proven to be highly successful for many of our clients.

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Pint Night

Sure, pint night is great, but pint night AND Trivia--who can resist? Offer a pint night in conjunction with your Trivia show. This has proven to work well with Trivia in multiple locations across the country when done well.

Get the Staff Involved

Start a team for your team! If the staff wins, they put the prize in a rolling pot, which allows you to offer double the winnings the following week. By getting your people involved, you’ll create an even more dynamic environment, as well as some friendly competition between your team and customers.

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These creative promotional concepts have proven to be highly successful for many of our clients.