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These articles are for the players of local, live Last Call Trivia Nights. Improve your game, recruit your team, and get all the hacks for Last Call Trivia.

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Unstump Yourself

So your team is killing it at Trivia Night, then the inevitable happens – a question is asked that absolutely stumps everyone. You look around the table, getting only dumbfounded glances in return. This is the big point question and nobody has a clue. You disgustedly write some bit of gibberish on your answer slip …

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Trivia Tips 2

What Your Fav Last Call Game Says About You

What your Last Call Trivia game of choice says about you…As you may have found out, there are several options to choose from when you are getting your friends together to compete in Last Call’s weekly bar or restaurant mind games. They all have a common goal: to crown the best teams. They also have some important differences to stand out on their own.