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Unstump Yourself

Written by

Adam Johnston

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So your team is killing it at Trivia Night, then the inevitable happens – a question is asked that absolutely stumps everyone. You look around the table, getting only dumbfounded glances in return. This is the big point question and nobody has a clue. You disgustedly write some bit of gibberish on your answer slip and throw it at the host.


But, wait! Even if you have little or no idea about the question asked, you can sometimes find a clue or two hidden in the mix. Here are a couple of tips to an at least somewhat educated guess.


First, check the song being played after the question is asked. There are more than a few Last Call Trivia hosts who will play a tune with clues as to the answer you’re looking for.


For example, if the question is about a certain chess piece, and the host plays ‘Louie Louie’, maybe somebody knows that song was by The Kingsmen. Guessing ‘king’ wouldn’t hurt in the absence of any other rationale provided. Be careful of this gamble, though, because not all hosts do this. But hey, it beats a blank stare.

Process of Elimination

Look for ways to eliminate answers by paying attention to terms used in the question itself. Chances are, if a word is in the question it’s not going to be in the answer as well.

If a law question mentions ‘testimony’, ‘affidavit’ or ‘defendant’, those words will more than likely not be part of the answer.

These clues may not lead to a perfect score on trivia night, however, they may be the tips you need every once in a while to grab that right answer. So, look for clues to get unstumped. And of course, don’t forget our weekly hints.