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Don’t Rely on Luck: How to Make St. Patrick’s Day Work for You

It’s March and that means many people are thinking about beer, maybe even of the green variety. What I mean to say is that St. Patrick’s Day is approaching. While it’s well known that many people, Irish or not, love celebrating this veridian holiday, it’s not enough to rely on popularity alone. Instead, take advantage of that popularity in promoting your bar this month. 

Written by

Adam Johnston

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Beer Specials

For adults, a staple of St. Patrick’s Day is beer and everyone will be looking for great deals in addition to a great atmosphere. By having a beer special – whether a popular light beer, a local brew, or the coveted green beer – you can entice people to spend the holiday in your bar or restaurant. Think 17% off draft pitchers, for example.

Themed Cocktails

For those who may not enjoy beer, offer them something that’s still fun and celebratory. There are a variety of green hued and mint infused drinks that are both tasty and a joy to drink. If you decide to add some themed cocktails, be sure to advertise plenty on social media, in menus, at the bar, etc. Additionally, you’ll want to highlight that this is a special, limited time offer (either only on the 17th or throughout the weekend) so that people won’t want to miss out on it.

Simple Scavenger Hunt

Place clovers or gold coins strategically around your establishment for people to find. Offer something like a free appetizer or bar discount for those who are lucky enough to stumble upon one. It adds a memorable element to the celebration that people will want to talk to about, which means good word-of-mouth for your bar or restaurant. Just make sure you advertise it in some way so that people know it’s happening and can be on the lookout. The thrill of the hunt will get people into your establishment.

Set Up a Photo Booth

Although it might sound like a lot of work, setting up a simple photo booth is actually pretty easy and can be great fun for your guests. While people are enjoying your drink specials, they’ll want to commemorate the day with their friends. Having a photo booth also encourages your guests to post about your venue on social media which is a great form of free advertising. All you need is a good background (a simple wall with some green tinsel or maybe even a green sheet or table cloth pinned up) and some fun accessories (you can find tons of great options at your local dollar store). Encourage people to use their phone cameras, and voila! You have a photo booth. 

Host Trivia Night

Last, but not least, host a Trivia Night if you aren’t already. This is a great way to get people to come visit, enjoy your drink or food specials, and partake in some friendly competition. Bonus points if it’s a St. Patrick’s Day themed show. Either way, people are going to be out anyway, so you might as well entertain them. 


St. Patrick’s Day is more than just a well-loved holiday; it’s a great opportunity to nurture relationships with your guests and maybe even create new ones with people who are experiencing your bar or restaurant for the first time. What better way to make a lasting impression than by showing your fun side with some St. Patty’s Day events and promotions. Spread the word both on social media and in your venue and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.