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A Simple Guide to Promote Your Themed Trivia Night

Written by

Adam Johnston

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You’re hosting a Last Call Trivia theme night! That’s great. People love showing off their knowledge of their favorite stuff like Superheroes, Harry Potter, Disney, Decades, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about getting the word out about your trivia theme show.

Create a Facebook Event

Invite your friends and followers to the event, tag Last Call Trivia in your event and post once a day in the Facebook event to help build buzz and to remind people interested in the event.


Pro Tip: Boost your event for as low as $5, choosing people who love your theme, and attract new people to your bar.

Shout it from the rooftop

Meaning, promote your theme show anywhere and everywhere. Change your Twitter Banner, Facebook Cover Photo, Profile Picture, and feature the trivia show theme night on your website front and center.


Pro Tip: Consider investing some time and money into using Google AdWords to reach even more people who would be interested in your themed trivia night.

Take themes to the next level


Along with your themed trivia night, consider hosting a costume contest. Fans will love being able to show off their amazing costumes. On one of your TV screens, consider playing a movie or TV show that relates to your theme, like showing a Star Wars movie during Star Wars.


Pro Tip: Think about if you could offer any special drinks or food items to go along with your theme. Could you serve Butterbeer for Harry Potter trivia? Disney themed fruity cocktail? Superhero super meat sandwich?

Advertise in your bar


Talk up your trivia night. 



Person: “Any fun plans tonight?” 

You: “Oh y’know hosting Game of Thrones trivia night down at Callahan’s.”

Person: “Wow, I love Game of Thrones! I’ll have to check that out tonight!”

Another great simple way to promote your trivia show is to hang up a flyer on your bulletin board or create an eye catching image on a chalk board.


Pro Tip: Ask your staff to wear pins or t-shirts promoting the trivia night. Planning a Superhero show? Let staff wear their favorite Superman shirt. This will help spark conversation among customers and create a fun team dynamic.

Harness the power of Twitter


For free, you can promote your themed trivia show night on Twitter and attract people in your area who are interested in your theme. The best way to do this is to incorporate keywords and hashtags into your post.


Example: Attention all #Columbus #Muggles We’re hosting @lastcalltrivia Harry Potter #trivianight tomorrow night at Gatsbys!


Pro Tip: Try to use Gifs or images in your tweets. Twitter is a fairly lighthearted social media platform so have some fun with it.

Instagram is your friend


Similar to Twitter, Instagram allows you to use hashtags to find people in your city who like the theme your trivia night is about. Post sample themed trivia questions on Instagram in the form of the text of the question overlaid onto an image. Ask followers to comment their answers.


Pro Tip: Instagram = Hashtags. Try to use 20-30 hashtags in your post. You can also comment your hashtags if you want to keep your description separate from your hashtags. This is how people find users and content on Instagram so it’s a must-do.

The more you promote your show, the more people will hear about. When one person hears about it, they are likely to help you spread the word!


Don’t forget to post on social media the day after your themed trivia show about how much fun it was and to thank everyone for coming out.