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Team Spotlight: 89.3 Trivia Tuesday

Written by

Adam Johnston

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Were you trivia fans before Last Call?

89.3 TT (Sean Cannon): Yes! I actually started with trivia as a kid playing Trivial Pursuit and reading (and re-reading) the Fred L. Worth Trivia Encyclopedia. When Jeopardy came back on the air in 1984, my aunt used to watch it religiously and I did too.

How did your team get together and what made you attend a Last Call trivia night?

89.3 TT (Sean Cannon): My wife JoAnn saw a sign outside Through the Garden in Blue Ash advertising a trivia night on Saturday night. We stopped in and got hooked immediately. That was 10 years ago!  Funnily enough, JoAnn now hosts that show on Saturday night, although they changed over to a Feud show a couple of years ago.

The two of us and my daughter Molly played as “Molly’s Crew” for several years. But then, more and more friends (both from outside of trivia and people we met playing trivia) joined the team, and eventually we changed our name to 89.3 Trivia Tuesday.

How did you come up with your team name?

89.3 TT (Sean Cannon): My cousin George plays with us and is the station director at 89.3 WMKV here in Cincinnati and they actually have a trivia show that airs on Tuesdays from 4 to 5 PM. I suggested we name our team after his show to see if we could inspire some people to tune in. I know at least a couple of listeners to his show do play Last Call. It’s available on the Internet, too! 

What is your favorite thing about going to trivia night? 

89.3 TT (Sean Cannon): There’s so many things … personally, I like learning new stuff. I’ve always had a “sticky” brain for remembering weird and interesting facts, so I look forward to learning more of them. I also appreciate all the friendships we’ve made through the years by playing trivia. Some of the people on our team now as well as hosts and members of other teams are now friends that we would have probably never met if not for Last Call.

I also like winning and not paying for all of my meals!

What sets Last Call Trivia apart for you?

89.3 TT (Sean Cannon): I’ve played lots of other trivia, both in Cincinnati and elsewhere. Last Call is the best company for bar trivia I’ve encountered, hands down. I like the fact that the trivia is not totally pop culture focused. There’s a decent amount, of course, but enough “classic” trivia (like History/Literature/Geography, etc/) to keep a good balance. I think the question writing is top notch.  There is very little “gotcha” question writing where the writer is trying too hard to be clever or write an impossible to answer question. And the questions are fun!

I also think Last Call does a good job with selecting entertaining and friendly hosts (and I’m not just saying that because my wife is one!) Lastly, I appreciate that Last Call is serious about preventing cheating and keeping it a level playing field, while still being fun and inviting.