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#61 – Which Team Are You Cheering For in Super Bowl LVII?

Welcome to an extra special episode of the Last Call Trivia Podcast! In honor of the upcoming big game, we’re tackling Super Bowl Trivia. And to help our regular Team of players, we’ve invited a special guest, sports radio host Nick Kostos, to join us in today’s show.

Written by

Brianna LeCompte

I still remember attending my first Trivia night back in 2013. A group of my coworkers were discussing some options for happy hour venues and when we saw that a spot down the street was hosting a Trivia Night, we decided to go for it. I was instantly hooked. When the opportunity arose to join the Last Call team, I was ecstatic. Working with a talented and creative team to spread my love of trivia across the country-what could be better! I currently manage sales and outreach in our west coast areas. Outside of work, I love to travel and am also an avid equestrian and Disney movie lover.All Posts

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Podcast Episode 61 Round 1

Round One


We kick off today’s Super Bowl-themed game with a Companies Trivia question about the company that sponsored the Super Bowl halftime show for ten straight years beginning in 2013. For more Trivia about major corporations, check out episode #4 of the podcast next to test your knowledge with a round of Tech Companies Trivia.


Next up, we have a Teams question about the only team that managed to sneak in to win a Super Bowl within the Dallas Cowboys’ 1993 to 1996 run of winning 3 championships in 4 years. See how many other major 90s moments you remember with a round of 90s Trivia in episode #6 of the podcast.


The first round concludes with a Television Trivia question that challenges the Team to name the cartoon series that aired directly following the 1999 Super Bowl. Can you guess which show recently became the longest-running live-action sitcom in U.S. television history?


Bonus Question


Today’s Bonus Question is a follow-up to the Television question from the first round. The Team is asked to guess how many viewers tuned in to the first episode of the TV show in question. They have a few reference points based on the viewership numbers of the Super Bowl itself, but will they narrow in close enough to the right answer? Listen in to find out!

Podcast Episode 61 Round 2

Round Two


All charged up after the Halftime Show? Let’s keep things rolling with Round Two of today’s Super Bowl Trivia game!


The second round begins with a Video Games Trivia question about the game that ESPN named the greatest sports video game of all time in 2011. If this category is right up your alley, check out episode #13 of the podcast next for a round of Video Games Trivia.


Next, an Advertising question asks the Team to name the celebrity couple featured in a 2022 Super Bowl ad where they imagine a life where Amazon’s Alexa might be capable of reading their minds. Do you know which Super Bowl ad was the most watched of all time? Find out in episode #10 of the podcast!


Round Two wraps up with a Controversies Trivia question about the teams that played in Super Bowl 38, which was overshadowed by the Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake halftime

controversy. For a deeper dive into the world of music, check out episode #38 for a theme round of Movie Music Trivia.



Final Question


We’ve reached the Final Question of the game, and today’s category of choice is Winners (And Losers). Of course, given our theme, we’re talking about Super Bowl champs!


The Trivia Team is given a list of five NFL teams and asked to guess whether each has ever won a Super Bowl. And it’s lucky that Nick Kostos has joined our Trivia players today because he has some immediate thoughts on each of the franchises listed. Do you think you can go five-for-five to take home the Trivia Trophy? Tune in to find out!