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11 YouTube Trivia Shows to Watch if You Want to Get Smarter

The days of searching for answers on the internet have transformed. While Google remains a classic platform for finding answers, there is another that has come to challenge its reign. YouTube, once known mostly for its silly cat videos, has become a source of Trivia and learning for many. Whether it be makeup techniques, how to build a table, or why the grass is green - YouTube has both an answer and a visual to match. With that in mind, we thought we’d round up some of our favorite YouTube channels dedicated to spreading the wealth of Trivia knowledge across various topics. From history to chemistry and everything in between, these channels cover it all.

Written by

Adam Johnston

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An apt and straightforward name for a channel dedicated to creating videos in a quiz-like structure about various topics like animals, history, you name it. If you need a little break from the monotony of busywork, The Trivia Channel has no shortage of Trivia videos for you to practice your random knowledge.

Each question is timed so you only have a handful of seconds to pick your answer. After the time is up the answer will be revealed. Although there is nothing to click to record your answer interactively, the personal satisfaction of knowing makes up for it. The Trivia Channel doesn’t have a super consistent upload schedule, but it’s still a great way to quietly pass the time every now and then.

Looking for a lively series of internet videos to watch and maybe learn something new while you’re at it? WhatNerd has you covered. This team puts out content ranging from tech Trivia, guessing jingles, naming logos, trying interesting foods, and more. With a more relaxed take on Trivia, WhatNerd does a great job of combining classic YouTube entertainment with knowledge. 

Fans of mukbangs will love their taste-test videos, while classic Trivia fans will like their theme song and movie scene Trivia, to name a couple. They even do reviews on games of various mediums for all of you gamers out there.

Mental Floss has long been a key source of interesting content in the Trivia community. If you’ve read their articles before and were impressed, you’ll definitely like their YouTube channel. Mental Floss’ videos are filmed with the same dedication to quality as their articles are written.

You can find tons of Trivia videos listing a certain number of facts about any given topics (like Harry Potter, for example), as well as videos that take a deep dive into topics such as space, coffee, language, and much more. We love Mental Floss’ quality of work and definitely recommend that you check out their YouTube channel, too!

The perfect channel to answer all of your burning science and engineering questions, Veritasium is committed to spreading interesting truths about the world. How does origami connect to engineering? Can humans sense magnetic fields? What causes dandruff? Veritasium has the answers.

Host Dr. Derek Muller has great presence and fantastic story-telling capabilities as he conducts these mini episodes reminiscent of the epochal quality of a Nat-Geo feature. We guarantee that you won’t be able to come away from a video without having learned something new and interesting.

Viewers interested in a seasoned channel have to look no further than Vsauce. Since 2010, Michael Stevens has been putting out content about all the amazing things that exist in our world. Physics, space, human behavior, language – there is nothing that Vsauce doesn’t cover.

Even in videos that discuss the resolution of the human eye, for example, you’ll get collateral facts about movie-making. Whether you want to watch and listen or just listen, Michael’s presence and presentation is great for those looking to spruce up their worldly knowledge. 

For a fun animated take on Trivia, C.G.P. Grey is the channel for you. Featuring fun animations to supplement the topic at hand, this channel answers all of your burning questions with just the right amount of humor. It’s like being in primary school again, but with a stick figure for a teacher and arguably a lot more fun.

Who owns the Statue of Liberty? What is Reddit? Who owns Antarctica? All the questions you never knew you had are here. Oh, and if you’re a fan of podcasts, C.G.P. Grey has one! So once you’re caught up on YouTube, the fun doesn’t end there.

Another channel featuring fun stick-figure representations, MinutePhysics answers seemingly nebulous questions like – What is gravity? What is dark matter? What is the shape of space? – in just a few short minutes.

Getting a basic understanding of some of the world’s most complicated paradoxes has never been so easy…or so fun. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, take some time to learn something new about science. You don’t have to be a physics whiz to get it!

Contrary to what the title of this channel suggests, videos are unfortunately not uploaded every single day. Have no fear, though, because there’s still plenty to catch up on and stay tuned for. Not quite as visually PG as the previous two channels mentioned, Smarter Every Day gives a detailed look into topics such as grain bins, chameleon tongues, tattooing, and more.

What we mean by “not quite as visually PG” is that some videos feature slow motion visuals of skin getting tattooed or other not-so-pretty bodily images. So for those who are a little squeamish, pick and choose your videos or perhaps just listen. Otherwise, buckle up for an interesting ride!

A channel hosted by popular media platform, Mashable, 5 Facts is – you guessed it – a channel featuring videos of 5 facts about various topics. From Simpsons and Friends to game shows and fast food, this channel has it all.

Unfortunately, the last episode was uploaded 4 years ago. However, if you have the time, it’s definitely worth perusing their extensive library of previous uploads. You’re sure to be entertained and learn something new. Once you catch up, move on to any of the other channels on this list!

Produced by video journalist Brady Haran, Numberphile is a show featuring mathematicians and other experts from around the world. Even better, the show is supported by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, so you know that the information you’re getting is accurate.

Videos include scientific and mathematical takes on space, numbers, geology, history, and more. We guarantee that Numberphile will make you think about Trivia concepts from a numerical perspective you may have never considered before. Hey, maybe it’ll come in handy for those bonus questions!

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown are committed to “making science make sense”. By that, they mean answering questions surrounding bodily functions, perception, and much more about the world at large.

Ever wondered what would happen if you stopped sleeping, stopped eating, or perhaps how deep fakes work? Don’t worry, Mitchell and Gregory test it all out so you don’t have to. There’s no such thing as knowing too much, right?

There you have it – 11 awesome YouTube Trivia channels to subscribe to that’ll make you smarter. Learning has never been so entertaining and the best part is, it’s all free content! Perfect for cord-cutters and internet enthusiasts looking for their new National Geographic or History channel. Got any suggestions that weren’t on this list? Let us know! We love discovering new knowledgeable outlets.