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What if Winnie the Pooh Played Trivia?

Written by

Brianna LeCompte

I still remember attending my first Trivia night back in 2013. A group of my coworkers were discussing some options for happy hour venues and when we saw that a spot down the street was hosting a Trivia Night, we decided to go for it. I was instantly hooked. When the opportunity arose to join the Last Call team, I was ecstatic. Working with a talented and creative team to spread my love of trivia across the country-what could be better! I currently manage sales and outreach in our west coast areas. Outside of work, I love to travel and am also an avid equestrian and Disney movie lover.All Posts

Whether you’re a fan of the classic A. A. Milne stories, or prefer the later Disney adaptations, it’s hard to imagine the world of children’s literature and film without Winnie the Pooh.

The cuddly bear is so iconic that he’s even been honored with his own holiday- January 18th is National Winnie the Pooh Day.
Since the publication of the first book in 1926, Winnie the Pooh has brought millions of people around the world along for his adventures. Which begs the question, what would happen if Pooh and friends had the chance to experience one of our favorite pastimes, Trivia Night?
The characters all have unique personalities and interests, which makes for the foundation of a solid Trivia team. Here’s how the dynamic of the Hundred Acre Wood Trivia team might look.

Winnie the Pooh

Best Category: Food

Starting with the bear of the hour, Pooh himself. He isn’t known for being quick witted. In fact, he is self-described as a “bear of very little brain.”

But he does have one undeniable expertise- honey. His obsession with his favorite food often gets him and his friends into sticky situations (pun intended). As a member of the Hundred Acre Woods Trivia team, Pooh would have the chance to put all of his food knowledge to use.

Plus his catchphrase “think, think, think,” is the perfect mantra for the team.


Best Category: In the News

Piglet is a worrier but despite his nervousness, he often shows acts of courage to help a friend in need. With his head on a swivel, he would be up to speed on the news of the day.

Of the Hundred Acre Woods crew, Piglet is the most neat and tidy. Which makes him the perfect scribe for his team, much to the delight of their Trivia host.


Best Category: Sports

Tigger is full of energy and has a competitive nature. Which makes him the most likely sports fan of the bunch.

As the most athletic of the group, his sports input is valuable, but the team should be cautious of his ego. He’s well-meaning, but often overconfident. He might be just as likely to talk the team out of an incorrect answer as he is to contribute. That’s okay Tigger, we’ve all been there!


Best Category: People

Eeyore is passive and gloomy, but he appreciates the efforts his friends make to cheer him up. He’s often just along for the ride as life happens around him, as evidenced by his catchphrase “thanks for noticin’ me.”
He is more likely to take interest in the lives of others than his own, which gives him a fine-tuned knowledge of the happenings of other people. Despite his melancholy nature, Eeyore is a reliable friend, so his team can count on him to be at Trivia Night every week.


Best Category: Science

The Milne stories describe Rabbit as a friend to all of the forest animals, while the Disney adaptations expand on his passion for gardening. In either case, he’s closely connected to biology, making him the resident science expert.

Rabbit is also organized and focused, which makes him the best choice for Trivia team captain.


Best Category: History

On the surface, Owl appears to be a stereotypical “wise old owl,” but his wisdom is often questionable. In fact, Rabbit is portrayed as the most literate as the bunch.
One of Owl’s favorite pastimes is telling long-winded stories. History allows him to combine two of his favorite things: intellectual pursuit, and storytelling.
And while he may lack the organizational skills to be the team captain, as an owl, he’s certainly the perfect team mascot.

A Lively Team

Regardless of their score at the end of the night, it’s safe to say the Hundred Acre Woods Trivia team would liven up any show. Which member of the crew could you use on your team?