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Meet Your 2018 Ludimentis Host: Terrie McGoron

Ludimentis is just around the corner and we hope you’re as excited as we are. While you study up, we want to introduce you to your 2018 Ludimentis host.

Written by

Brooklynn Holtz

I’ve had just about every job there is. I’ve dressed in velvet ball gowns at Disney World, been guilty of murder at a dinner theatre, and offered to pour coffee in TV commercials. It probably comes as no surprise, then, that I responded to a Craigslist ad calling for Trivia Night Hosts back in January 2012. I quickly moved on to Sales, followed by Management, and finally, Marketing, where I now manage big picture efforts to spread our love of Trivia to the world. When I’m not spreading the love, I have dance parties in my living room, listen to funky jazz music, and daydream about a better world.All Posts

Terrie is a long-time Last Call Trivia player and has been a host for the past six years. In fact, Last Call Trivia was her very first trivia experience and it was love at first play. She loved the social aspect it provided her and her family and, for four years, she attended trivia nights with her husband, adult children, and  later on, her sister-in-law, who found the same love Terrie did in trivia nights. Even after her sister-in-law passed away, Terrie and her family continued to play in her memory.


Since then, Terrie has joined the League and has begun competing in tournaments and Ludimentis. Her team has always ranked in the top five, and it was at Ludimentis one year that a light bulb went off and Terrie approached our Host Coordinator, Aiden Williams, about becoming a Last Call Trivia host.


She realized that she wanted to give to others what Last Call Trivia gave to her: A sense of community and tons of fun. 

“I love seeing the connection that I felt happen with others."

Terrie was initially concerned, however, that her age wouldn’t make her a good fit to be a host, since all the other hosts were younger. But over the past six years, Terrie has proved that age doesn’t matter, and she continues to spread the Last Call Trivia love, even going so far as to celebrate players’ birthdays.


That personalized touch is what set Last Call Trivia apart for her as a player and as a host as well. “I love seeing the connection that I felt, happen with others. It’s one big family,” says Terrie. In addition to the personalization, Terrie emphasizes that dedication, responsiveness, and an overall approachable culture is what continues to make Last Call Trivia stand out.

“It doesn’t matter whether you come to be extroverted and social or not, you’re able to just do your thing,” Terrie states. The ability to make the experience your own is important to her and she loves being able to not only tailor-make her hosting to match her skills, venue, and audience but to also have a good time while doing it.


“It’s rare that you get to do all of that and get paid for it,” she jests. With the money she makes from hosting for Last Call Trivia, Terrie puts 100% of it into an annual summer vacation for her whole family. “I rent out a beach house and get all of my kids and grand-kids get together. It’s the only time of the year that we are all in one place.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you come to be extroverted and social or not, you’re able to just do your thing."

As for hosting Ludimentis later this month, Terrie is beyond excited. She can’t wait to experience the fun and excitement from a different perspective, as well as get the opportunity to meet all of the hosts she has met online for the first time in person.


With such an enthusiastic and dedicated individual taking the stage, this year is sure to be a great experience for all. We are thrilled to welcome Terrie as our Ludimentis host and are glad we can provide a conduit for her to spend time with her family and do what she loves. Our vision at Last Call Trivia is to celebrate a spirit of community and we never cease to be amazed at what our players and hosts accomplish in that spirit. With that, we will see you at Ludimentis. 


Be sure to give Terrie a warm welcome and good luck to all of our teams!