#6 – Are You Clueless Or Is Your ‘90s Knowledge Da Bomb?

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Round One


Today’s show kicks things off with a People Trivia question about the famous California mountain man portrayed by Dan Haggerty. While discussing their answer, the Trivia Team mentioned the popular “nodding guy” GIF (no spoilers here, it’s not the answer). Did you know it’s actually Robert Redford in this GIF??


Next up, a Music Trivia question takes our Trivia Team down memory lane as they reminisce on their favorite obsolete music formats. Raise of hands, who still has their Walkman at the bottom of a junk drawer?


Round One wraps up with an Alcohol Trivia question that’s a fun fact for all the whiskey lovers out there to keep in their back pocket. If you want to learn even more about your favorite drinks, check out this article on “the official spirit of America,” bourbon!


Bonus Question


In today’s Bonus Question, we take a closer look at the history of the answer to the Alcohol Trivia question from Round One. And luckily for the Trivia Team, one of the players is able to pull from a very specific reference to help them come up with an impressive answer.

Round Two


Round Two of today’s show is all about ‘90s Trivia! So line up your Beanie Babies, feed your Tamagotchi pets and settle in for some serious nostalgia.


Round Two starts off with a Television Trivia question about a memorable moment from a future President. While we’re on the subject, do you know who was the shortest-serving U.S. President? Find out here!


Next up, we have an Advertising Trivia question. Do you know which famous actress starred as Eva Savealot in the 1-800-COLLECT commercials? Here’s a hint: she was also the model for an iconic Disney Princess!


Round Two wraps up with a Movies Trivia question that challenges our Trivia Team to determine in which movie the personal haircut vacuum “Suck Kut” makes its appearance. They have a solid methodology behind their answer, but will it pay off? Listen in and find out!


Final Question


As usual, the show concludes with a multi-part Final Question, and the category for today’s Final is Video Games. Grab your controller and join the Team to play!


In today’s Final Question, the Trivia Team is asked to put a list of four video game systems in order by their North American release dates. If you were a gamer in the ‘90s and 2000s, the Team definitely could have used your expertise to talk through this answer. Find out whether you can beat the final boss in today’s show!

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