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Hosting Trivia

All the tips and tricks you need to be an excellent Trivia Host. These articles cover everything from equipment, checklists, how to prepare for the unexpected, and more.

Podcast Episode 42 Round 1

The Secret to Multiplying your Host Income

As a DJ, you can probably count on one hand the types of events that bring in most, if not all, of your income. Weddings, holiday parties, and school dances have traditionally been the bread and butter of the profession. So what is the secret to expanding into additional markets and exponentially increasing your emceeing income? Start hosting Trivia for bars.

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4 Reasons Hosting Trivia is Perfect for College Students

If you’re a college student, there are three universal truths that you’re likely aware of: sleep is a precious commodity, ramen noodles are an important part of a balanced diet, and every penny of your budget counts.  Finding a part-time job is a necessary measure to keep afloat, but positions available to students often suffer …

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How to Instagram

Instagram can’t be ignored. It’s a social media force that’s fantastic for connecting with people, especially those in their mid-twenties. It’s perfect for reminding people about trivia night, which is what we’ll be focusing on. On Instagram, you need to create original content, in the form of photos or videos and sometimes it can be …

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