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#12 – What’s the Common Bond Between Zippers, Aspirin, and Popsicles?

Welcome to Episode #12 of the Last Call Trivia Podcast! As always, our show kicks off with three general knowledge Trivia questions in Round One to get the ball rolling. In Round Two, our Trivia Team gets to try their hand at a round of questions all about genericized trademarks.

Written by

Brianna LeCompte

I still remember attending my first Trivia night back in 2013. A group of my coworkers were discussing some options for happy hour venues and when we saw that a spot down the street was hosting a Trivia Night, we decided to go for it. I was instantly hooked. When the opportunity arose to join the Last Call team, I was ecstatic. Working with a talented and creative team to spread my love of trivia across the country-what could be better! I currently manage sales and outreach in our west coast areas. Outside of work, I love to travel and am also an avid equestrian and Disney movie lover.All Posts

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Podcast Episode 12 Round 1

Round One


Today’s show starts off with a Books Trivia question about a multinational conglomerate publishing company that was founded in 2013. Spoiler alert: if you’re looking for some suggested reading to get into this year, here’s a list of “21 books you’ve been meaning to read,” as written by this publishing company.


Next up, we have an Anatomy Trivia question…or is it a spelling Trivia question? Either way, our Trivia Team brainstorms through a handful of the 206 bones in the human body in search of the correct answer.


Round One concludes with a Movies Trivia question about a heated debate between Ben Affleck and the director of Armageddon. Ready for more Movie Trivia? Check out this article on some of the most influential horror films of all time.



Bonus Question


Today’s Bonus Question is a follow-up to the Armageddon question in Round One. So if you’re a big fan of the movie listen up…or maybe don’t. Because in today’s Bonus Question, we’re talking about the number of scientific inaccuracies in the film as called out by NASA themselves. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot.

Podcast Episode 12 Round 2

Round Two


As usual, Round Two of the game is themed after a particular topic, and today we’re talkin’ about Genericized Trademarks Trivia. P.S., the common bond between zippers, aspirin, and popsicles is that they’re all genericized trademarks themselves!


Round Two starts with a Tools Trivia question. One member of the Trivia Team is able to draw on their experience in theater set design to help brainstorm some potential answers. For all the fellow theater lovers out there, check out this article on fascinating facts about some of the most successful Broadway shows of all time!


Next up, we have a Products Trivia question which is a fittingly general category for the theme of genericized trademarks. Here’s a hint: you might need to use this product if you’ve indulged in too many goodies like hot dogs, fancy cocktails, or sweet treats.


Round Two wraps up with a Language Trivia question that allows our Trivia Team full of Anglophiles to put their knowledge of British slang to good use. Looking for more U.K. Trivia? Here’s an article about the history of the Tower of London to get you started!


Final Question


It’s time to finish up the game strong with a multi-part Final Question in the category of Companies. Who’s ready to show off their business acumen??


In today’s Final Question, the Trivia Team is asked to name the country where four specific companies were founded. While the Team is able to breeze through most of them, one particular company throws them through a loop. Listen in to see if you can reason your way to the right answer!